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Your Subconscious Mind is Killing You!

For far too long humanity has been at the “beck and call” of powerful oligarchs who have manipulated the consciousness of individuals, groups and whole countries for their own nefarious activities. Now we have the opportunity to change our own beliefs and perceptions about life to the extent that we can not only bring our own bodies back into holistic balance but also transform this planet back into the pearl it once was.

To do this we must have a basic understanding of how life really works. Our perceptions and beliefs are reflected out into the world and up to this point those perceptions and beliefs have been carefully controlled and forced upon us via mainstream media, education systems, government and the church. To take back control of our own “operating system” by creating beliefs and perceptions about life that serve us and humanity is the same process of alchemy that the great masters through the ages have been teaching us. Only when we do this on an individual basis will group consciousness reflect out into the world the kind of world the majority of humanity want to live in. We are the change we want to see.

This ebook will introduce key concepts and understandings about the process of change in your very own operating system and explain how your perceptions and beliefs about life hold the key to your own process of alchemy into the avatar you came here to be.