Connect to Peace

Connect to Peace

Being in this world but not of it!

Learn to Truly Connect to Peace

With David Kyle

Innerstanding that you are being distracted by the reflection of billions of people unconsciously creating their reality “out there” instead of focusing on creating your own reality within is the biggest addiction/conditioning on this planet. The initial and intermediate levels of taking back control of your reality and thus helping to transform this planet “out there” is to do the emotional work within first. Only then can you even hope to reach that peaceful place that is beyond normal understanding.

This FREE course introduces key concepts and understandings that I came to on my journey and my sincerest wish is that it will help you too. The course can be taken as a stand alone but is actually designed as a prerequisite for the course Self Mastery – Being Well Again!

Meet Your Course Instructor

I am one of the “Demonstrators” (NOT leaders – we do not need anymore of those) who actively renounced the existing control systems and have created my own energetic and physical pathway for others to follow in their own unique style.

Along with my soul group, we have moved inwards and so shall humanity follow. It is the soul purpose of every being on this planet to heal and move into a positive time line. Indeed, since “The Fall” this has always been the purpose of life on earth.

We have now energetically moved into a Galactic Society. We have “rejoined” the tree of life after our “brief” sojourn into the limited mind, separation and illusion. The next few years will demonstrate unprecedented change and creative urge. New societies are forming as we change and morph in line with the dynamic nature of our “New Earth”. Living Men and Woman will inherit this New Earth as promised!

What You’ll Learn in Connect To Peace

You will learn why it’s so important to bring the physiology of the body/mind back into balance. In many cases most people have never been in balance because of the conditioning on this planet:

  • Introduction to Connecting to Peace

You will learn the difference between open and closed systems and how you have been conditioned to act as a closed system because of both your internal and external environment

  • Why Our Default Mental & Emotional Patterns Keep Us Separated From Source

Our individual programs and lower emotions have been programmed by society and our family lineage. By connecting back to Source we can reprogram ourselves back to our “Divine Blueprint”

Want to know More Then Explore the Individual Lessons Below….

How this course sets you up for success

I know only too well how repressed and reactive emotions kept me away from experiencing my connection with Source/Love

By becoming very mindful of each “negative” emotion or experience without covering it up with a “better” emotion or distracting ourselves with something “out there” we can actually transmute these emotions to a purer essence and change our physiology.

Contrary to popular belief you do not change your life on the outside for maximum benefit. You have to change the quality of your thoughts and emotions on the inside. That is, you must change the condition of your personal electromagnetic field before you experience changes on the outside.

Don’t just take my word for It!

What are you waiting for? The Course is Completely FREE!

Frequently Asked Questions

About an hour if you take your time and contemplate what is written

It’s completely free

For as long as you need access

So we are all on the same page with regard to understanding how we block ourselves with lower emotions

Yes you can, and in most cases I provide free email support