Self Mastery – Being Well Again!

Self Mastery – Being Well Again!

Returning to Health and Prosperity!

Learn Self Mastery from Moment to Moment

Assuming we have done a certain level of emotional releasing and re-balancing explained in the free course Connect to Peace which is a prerequisite for this course, we now have to progressively move into mastery of ourselves from moment to moment. This can only be learned over time as we move deeper and deeper into the heart space and come to the realisation that the mind created reality and the accompanying underlying emotional trauma that kept us there is the matrix or illusion. The following course will progressively move you deeper and deeper into reality, the heart space, as you remove the unconscious and subconscious blocks in the lower chakras/cellular memory. Essentially, we are deconditioning from a certain way of operating and relearning to operate our vehicles more consciously.

Meet Your Instructor

I am one of the “Demonstrators” (NOT leaders – we do not need anymore of those) who actively renounced the existing control systems and have created my own energetic and physical pathway for others to follow in their own unique style.

Along with my soul group, we have moved inwards and so shall humanity follow. It is the soul purpose of every being on this planet to heal and move into a positive time line. Indeed, since “The Fall” this has always been the purpose of life on earth.

We have now energetically moved into a Galactic Society. We have “rejoined” the tree of life after our “brief” sojourn into the limited mind, separation and illusion. The next few years will demonstrate unprecedented change and creative urge. New societies are forming as we change and morph in line with the dynamic nature of our “New Earth”. Living Men and Woman will inherit this New Earth as promised!

Below is a Summary of the Individual Lessons…

How does this course help you become a Master?

Once you have managed to transmute discordant and negative emotions it is much easier to follow a certain way of being, awareness or even a framework of ideas in every moment. However, to do this you must understand or better still innerstand how your own vessel works? This course provides just that……

Don’t just take my word for it!